About Hmama 關於我們

About Hmama 關於我們

Hi there! I am Jenny.









I’m Jenny.
The name “Hmama” comes from two of our cute and adorable children. Hence, this always motivates us to work persistently in order to achieve our initiative purpose and it also keeps the founding mission firmly in our mind at all the time.

Technology is apparently advancing at a rapid pace in the 21st century and it provides us many different platforms, channels, and skills to learn parenting knowledge in order to nurture our children.

While exploring the relevant parenting knowledge and skills, we research the market and analyze the information continuously in order to select the best and high-quality products for our own kids, ranging from baby products, books for toddlers and kids, educational toys as well as the educating materials.

Initially, we did share our feedback after purchasing some educational products based on our own experience. Our child’s response towards the products on social media and we received lots of positive and favorable responses from parents unexpectedly.

Gradually, we received requests from parents to host a group to purchases some educational products to create a win-win situation in which parents able to purchase high-quality products at the lowest price.

Every single child is unique, and we will try our very best to recommend suitable educational products for every child’s growth stage based on our own experience and research.
Thanks to all parent’s ongoing support and positive feedbacks that motivate us to further develop the business and continuously serve the customers with better products. Starting from an online sales platform, we gradually bringing in various international brands of high-quality products into the Malaysian market and grow up Hmama.

In 2020, we have established our official website. We could not achieve this milestone without your valuable support and contribution. “Hmama Book Forest” is not a company, but a path to support our child’s growth. Let us accompany each other and share the sweetness while raising and nurturing our child.

We sincerely hope that we could continue to work hand in hand in the future to achieve greater success.

Thank you.
Warmest regards,

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